Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit: It’s Earlier Than You May Think!

26 April 2018 - Orthodontics

It’s important to learn about the best time for your child’s first orthodontic visit in order to give your kiddo the opportunity for a healthy smile during the developmental years and beyond.

Oral health is vital to overall health, and we don’t just mean positive oral hygiene habits. Ensuring proper tooth alignment, a correct bite and a healthy smile are essential to childhood self-esteem. Not to mention its contribution to clear speech and an easy time breathing and sleeping. A qualified orthodontist will can ensure the health and appearance of your child’s smile early on and they can also identify irregularities that may arise in the teeth, jaws and face. It’s important to learn about early corrective options that shorten treatment time in the long-run.

So when is the best time for an appointment?
It’s important to take your child to see the orthodontist when his or her permanent teeth are starting to grow in. This age varies since every child is different, but most exams begin around the age of seven. Their first exam should definitely happen no later than age nine. Here’s why: by the time he or she is past adolescence, their bones have already set in place. While it’s not impossible to seek orthodontic care after this time, it’s certainly more difficult to bring the muscles and teeth into harmony with the rest of the face at that point.

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