Orthodontic treatment involves a long-term commitment to treat one of the most visible areas of the body, your smile. It’s important to choose your orthodontist very carefully. Here are few things we believe you should know before you make a decision:

  • How experienced is the orthodontist? A stable, established practice is generally the best choice.
    You should feel free to ask for references from patients who’ve completed similar treatment. Dr. Pearcy and Dr. Raksanaves have been serving Tucson for more than 25 years and have successfully treated thousands of patients.
  • Is the orthodontist affiliated with a respected study group? Practitioners who share their experience and know-how and routinely have their work evaluated by colleagues are often at the forefront of the profession. See if your orthodontist is a member of the Angle Society of Orthodontists. Dr Pearcy and Dr. Raksanaves are long standing members of this prestigious group and regularly have their work evaluated by the world’s most respected orthodontists. Both of our doctors have lectured both nationally and internationally to other orthodontists.
  • Does the orthodontist provide clear, customized treatment options at no risk to you? In many instances, there will be several viable treatment plans; it is the ethical responsibility of the orthodontist to explain all reasonable options. Treatment is a major commitment and you deserve to understand the road ahead. Skipping the preliminary evaluation and diagnostic steps can mean misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment and poor results.
  • How varied and advanced are the treatments offered? Innovative techniques can sometimes significantly reduce treatment time and cost. It’s in your best interest to find an orthodontist who keeps abreast of the latest developments in orthodontics. Dr. Pearcy and Dr. Raksanaves regularly exceed state continuing education requirements by 200-300%! Our office has been on the leading edge of orthodontic treatment for 25 years and remains so today.
  • Is the orthodontist a member of AAO (American Association of Orthodontists)? AAO is the profession’s premier association. To verify your orthodontist’s credentials, check with the American Association of Orthodontists. An orthodontist has 2-3 years of specialized training beyond dental school and is a specialist at straightening teeth and insuring proper form and function. A general or pediatric dentist may see a handful of cases a year amid drilling and filling. An orthodontist only practices orthodontics and treats hundreds of patients.
  • Did your dentist refer you? If so, your dentist has likely referred other patients to this office,and they’ve had a successful experience. Primary dentists are in a great position to evaluate orthodontists, because they must work closely together to coordinate your care.
  • Does the entire staff listen to you and answer your questions? You’re an active participant in your treatment. Therefore, it’s important that you receive all the information and support you need to succeed. Feel free to look at hundreds of our Patient Surveys which speak in glowing terms about our offices level of communication and personal attention.
  • Is the office space comfortable and professional? Is the environment clean, organized and efficient? Do you feel welcomed and appreciated when you call or visit? These factors contribute to superior quality of care. We invite you to tour our first-class facility.
  • Is care available when you need it? If the office location and hours are convenient, you’re more likely to keep the necessary periodic appointments. Our office offers before and after school and Friday appointments times. Compare our schedule to other offices you may be considering and see the difference. We understand that your time is valuable. Our office runs on time and we make every effort to minimize the number of appointments necessary to complete your treatment.
  • What happens if you need urgent attention? Although emergencies are unusual, it’s important to know if your orthodontist is prepared to assist you, in case urgent care is required. Our home and cell phone numbers are available for our patients and we respond promptly to all emergencies.

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Dr. Brian Wilde, Dr. Daniel Pearcy and Dr. Mittida Raksanaves, your Tucson orthodontists, provide orthodontic treatment for teens, children and adults, including braces, lingual braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, gold braces, Herbst, Invisalign, space  maintainers, headgears and retainers.

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